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#ABHIPXBODY Hack #1: D-Rings and Lobster Claws

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Photo Credit: Marigold Darling
D-rings Attaching Bag Strap to Bag. Photo and Bag Credit: Marigold Darling (@marigolddarling on Instagram!)

First lets talk about D rings, get metal ones, they come in all different colors, and even shapes. I am sure they are called something else if they aren't D's, like rectangle rings or square rings or circle rings, snozzberry rings (jk don't use those 😳), you get the idea! For this pattern, you would want 3/4"-1" metal D-rings.

So basically, you are going to replace the fabric loops with the D-rings. Use the belt loop pattern pieces, and you prep them the same way as for belt loops, except you don't want to use interfacng unless you have super thin material or a very lightweight interfacing, and you don't need to fold the short ends in since they will be sewn into the bag.

As you can see in the photos below you will slide a D-ring onto each belt loop, and fold the piece in half, raw ends matching, with the D-ring at the fold. (And you may be saying, hey it looks like she used interfacing, she said not are correct. I did, and I also broke 3 heavy duty and top stitch needles. SO, again DO NOT USE SF101 or heavier interfacing on this piece!)

Below the pictures are using nylon webbing, but the method at this point is the same whether its webbing or the loop. if you want to, you can sew a line up near the D ring to keep it in place.

Once you have completed sewing together the outside of the bag, you will match up the D-ring holder to the side gussets, extending it about 1/4" above the side of the bag and baste in place, about 1/4" from the top edge of the bag. Do this for the other side. 1/4" is just a suggestion, you just want to be sure both sides are even and that the metal D ring won't get in the way of the needle and/or presser foot when you are sewing.

Clip the fabric belt loop or webbing raw end to right side of the gusset

Complete the bag as instructed, just take a little extra caution to keep the rings out of the needles way!.


Lobster Claws for Removable Straps. Bag by @mopheaded1 (instagram) Photo Credit: @Felicitygreiner (instagram)

Lets now talk about lobster claws, actually, better known as lobster clasps, whatever you want to call them is fine, its kind of a free country. Get metal ones, and they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose what you like. Again, for this, you want the attachment piece (we'll call it he D-ring end of the clasp) to be 1", thats about how wide your strap will be. This picture shows the the lobster claps attaching to the fabric loop on the bag. You can always use metal D-rings and lobster claps, or use the fabric loops in the bag. Either will work.

This is super simple. You will follow the instructions for the cross body bags strap, except instead of sliding the strap through the fabric loop and doing the button hole or snap, you are going to put it through the D-ring end of the clasp, and sew it up the same way as in the instructions for the regular cross body strap, with 2 triple stitched lines about 1/4" apart. Do the same for the other side, making sure to fold in the same side of the strap so you don't have one finished side out and one in or a flipped strap.

Thats it friends, enjoy your bag and check out the other tutorials! Comment or email me any questions or thoughts!


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