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BUT THE GUSSET DOESN'T FIT....oh wait, yes it does!

You are probably reading this because you are making the Atomic Cross Body Convertible bag and you are like, 'but this dang gusset is too short!" It does fit (I promise!), and sometimes, when you are used to doing something one way, you skip the directions, and then it doesn't work (I am the QUEEN of this, so NO judgment, seriously!!). Heres a quick picture tutorial on how to get that gusset to fit nicely!

After you have sewn the bottom to the sides and pressed the seams towards the Bottom and top-stitched those seams down, do this:

1) Fold the gusset in half and mark the middle with a pin or clip, then do the same with the exterior bag front. Match the top edges of the gusset to the top edge of the exterior bag front and pin or clip, then do the same for the centers of each peice.

2) Now bring the edge of the gusset to the corners and pin them. folding or pinching (as pictured) the gusset at the corner is helpful, just don't bring that fold to the edge where you will be sewing.

3) Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the gusset to the front of the bag by starting at the top right going down the side and slowly sewing the rounded corner. Stop and make sure there is no folding or pinching in the gusset as you go, adjusting the fabric as needed.

5) When attaching the back, you will most likely have the flap already attached, so you will need to keep that out of the way. (These pictures do not have the flap attached because this bag has interchangeable flaps). Again, find the center of the bag back and pin or clip that to the center bottom of the gusset. Align the top edges of the gusset to the pack and pin or clip. The corners will naturally go together a little easier here, so align and secure your bottom corners.

6) Sew the back to the gusset using the same 1/4" seam allowance and start at the top right corner, keeping the edges together as you sew.

7) Clip some little triangles into the corners and then flip the bag around, right side out, and take some time to really press those seams clean. I like to press the seams in towards the gusset to give it a little extra support.

Thats it! See, it does fit, and when its done this way, you get a really cute rounded bottom bag!

Check out the blog for other tutorials and variations for the Atomic Hip Pouch and Cross Body Bag!! And please share your progress and finished bags using #ABHIPXBODY on instagram!

Thanks for reading!!

Maureen 👩🏼‍💻

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