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Gettin' Scrappy

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Its so satisfying to make something with fabric you already have, because we ALL have extra fabric scraps lying around (in a giant tote 😳😬) and if you don't, you're working at 100% efficiency, and I'm sure your friends do!

But seriously, this is how I like to find scraps for this project, and I suggest you find them the shaaammme way! (Hot dog scene,Nothing by Trouble, anyone?! I basically speak in language of adapted movie and television quotes.)

Enough of that, and lets get started:

Cut out pattern pieces and find matching sized scrap. Press all scraps/material to ensure the best pattern cutting!

I like pull out the fabric I'd like to use and see which pieces will fit and how I can make it coordinate. If you don't have enough scraps, maybe you quilt and used up your pieces, and you have to get more fabric, at least you can see what you will need and maybe you can get away with getting a much smaller piece or a remnant, than if you just purchased new fabric for the whole bag.

Parts of the Bag:

Main Body, front and back exterior

Gusset, the exterior middle panel between the front and back, made up of 2 sides and one bottom piece

Flap, two sides to consider

Belt loops

Strap Loops



Inside card pocket

If you can't think of what to do, here are a few ideas on making it:

  1. Fabric 1: Main Body, both sides of flap, interior pocket, and facing

  2. Fabric 2: Gusset, Liner, fabric strap loops, Strap and/or belt loops


  1. Fabric 1: Exterior Main Body, Flap Liner, Strap

  2. Fabric 2: Gusset, Facing, Exterior Flap,Liner Pocket

  3. Fabric 3: Liner, Fabric Loops, Belt Loops


  1. Fabric 1: Exterior Main Body, Belt Loops and/or Strap, Facing

  2. Fabric 2: Gusset, liner pocket

  3. Fabric 3: Liner, Fabric Loops,Flap Liner Side

  4. Fabric 4: Exterior Flap


Sew your scraps together, iron them really well, sew the seams flat, and make a patchwork bag with hand stitching or embroidery!

The Finished Hip Pouch

Made by @moonlightstitching

This is a perfect Fall/Winter Cross body. Take a look at that strap, and how it has different colored ends that match the gusset. The inside of this one is yellow, which gives it a really fun pop! This was made by one of the amazing pattern testers (my mom to be exact!)

Here are some of the Pattern tester bags and some samples I've made. (Whales By Marigold Darling @marigolddarling on instagram) (Floral by @MopHeaded1 on Instagram) (Rainbow bag by Felicity @Felicitygreiner on instagram)

Here are some fun fabric bags, because Comics and Zombies are really what makes the world go round 😉! (Wonder Woman bags by pattern tester @j.jorgenegron on instagram, Walking Dead bags by me, for a special Walker Stalker occasion!)

If you are still feeling a little unsure of how to put together your fabric, check out the #abhipxbody on instagram and see how other people are making theirs!


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