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This is for the Downloadable PDF Pattern Atomic Hip Pouch and Cross Body Bag.**


The Atomic Hip Pouch and Cross Body Bag pattern offers 3 bags in one, with even more variation possibilities in your closure choice (and a bunch of pattern hacks and ideas in the tutorials section on the website)! With sustainability in mind, this bag was designed to help reduce that fabric scrap stash, where all pieces are small enough (minus the strap) to most likely be found in your scrap bin!


This bag has a finished size of 7.5" long, 5" tall, and about 1" deep. Just big enough to hold your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, inhaler (for us asthmatics 😉), and lip balm!


View A: The hip pouch version has belt loops, so you can attach it to your own belt. 

View B: The cross body version has an attached strap.

View C: The combo bag features a detachable strap and belt loops affixed to the back.


Materials needed (not included):

All Views:

Fabric:This bag looks great as all one color or with contrasting fabric for the gusset, mainbody, and flap! If purchasing new fabric, you will need about 2-3 fat quarters or about 1 yard of fabric. 




All Views: flap closure can be made using buttons, magnetic snaps, sew on snaps, or whatever you have on hand. 

View A: No additional hardware besides closure

View B: No additional hardware besides closure

View C: Buttons or snaps for the removable strap. Alternatively             you could use lobster clasps to attach the strap to the bag (see tutorials for instructions on this method)


Stabilizer and Interfacing (fusible interfacing, fleece, batting, foam, etc): 

All Views: 1 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing, such as Pellon SF 101.

optional: 1/2 yard Stabilizer of your choice (fusible fleece, quilters battingm foam)


Bag photo credit (check them out on instagram!):

Whale Bag @marigolddarling 

Plaid Bag @moonlightstitchingnh


**Completed bags are shown for example, and do not come with this purchase. Using Metal D-Rings for strap attachment instruction is not included with this pattern, but can be found in tutorials!

PDF Pattern Hip Pouch and Cross Body Bag

SKU: 1007001

Summer Sale

  • You will download 1 PDF file, which is in the followig order:

    Intro/info pages 1-2

    Pattern Pieces pages 3-7

    Instruction Booklet pages 7-27

    It is best to download this onto your computer, rather than you phone or tablet. 


    The booklet pages are numbered for itself, so strap instructions are on booklet page number 6, or full document page 12. 


    You will only need to print the Pattern Pieces on pages 3-7, and be sure your printer is set to Scale: 100% when printing. 




  • This product is not returnable or refundable.


    However, if you have any difficulties with this PDF downloadable pattern, please email!

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