Picture it, the year is 2022 and they are still threatening to take away a womens right to make decisions about her own body...


Reproductive Freedom. For All. Forever.


Codify Roe V Wade NOW!  Our daughters should not have to fight the same wars against the patriarchy as our grandmothers did. 


This Organic Cotton tote ag  features an original Atomic Beet Design, in red and blue on off white. Bag was hand stamped using traditional block print techniques.


Portions of the proceeds from this designs sales will beneifit Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH (www.reprofundnh.com )


Totally Eco and perfect for roaming about!

  • Recycled Poly/Organic Cotton Canvas
  • Bag Opening (Flat Across) - 18.25in
  • Bag Height - 16.25in
  • Bag Strap Length (half) - 11.75in
  • Bag Strap Width - 1.25in
  • Made In USA

Reproductive Freedom Eco Tote

  • Some of the items are pre-printed and ready to go!

    Many products are printed on demand, they will be printed upon ordering and shipped 4-7 days later. Typical time to recieve your shirt is 1-2 weeks after ordering. 

    Printing on demand is a more eco-friendly way to print shirts and totes. Also, if a design is not popular, I will not have wasted time and resources printing something that will never sell 😉