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Maureen Rashidifard, Owner/Designer

Hi! I am Maureen, a mom, a physicist, a hairstylist, wanna-be gardener, sewist, mediocre pianist, and last but not least, an artist. 

As you can see, I have worn, and still wear MANY hats! (My sister says it's because Pluto, Saturn, and Mars are in my first house, so Im blaming that for my need to try something new every few years!) My true passion is creating and if I get an idea in my head, I cannot rest until I have created it. 

I do love sewing, which is why you'll see sewing tutorials in the blog and sewing patterns in the shop. Over the years I have mastered my sewing skills and am always happy to share my knowledge! I love the idea of people making their own clothing as a way to fight the fast fashion industry.

Atomic Beet has transformed over the years from a sustainable custom doll designer, to bag maker, to custom bomber jacket designer, eco-friendly fancy dog coats, and now block printed socialist designs. My love of all things handmade has brought me on quite the journey!

Life is better when we live as a community and support one another. People over Profit and No War but Class War are not just catchy slogans. Let's rise together as the Working Class and create a life that works for ALL!

A woman owned shop offering unique items in a sustainable socially responsible way.

Atomic Beet offers both hand block printed designs by Maureen and partners with a company in the USA for print on demand shirts and accessories. We do this so we can offer different price points while still maintaining our commitment to being socially responsible.

A charitable donation is made to Seacoast Family Promise at the end of each year in the amount of 10% of all Sales.

An additional $10 per Hand Block Printed shirt sold is donated each month to mutual aid relief funds.

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