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Rise Up Exeter/ Rainbow Exeter


If youve been to any of the TEAM events in Exeter, NH, you may have seen shirts with similar design. They were designed by me! They were printed by another company, but i did make a few shirts hand printed by me. 


Both shirts are 100% cotton


Ringer Tee:

Size: Unisex Large, Classic Fit

Chest: 22"

Length: 30"

Black Collar and sleeve ringers with off white body and sleeves

Features fully black lettering with a colorful gradient rainbow 


Olive Drab Tee:

Size: Unisex Small, classic fit

Chest: 18"

Length: 28.75"

Olive Drab crew-neck Tee with the print in a gradient of yellow to white rainbow and word exeter



Rise Up Exeter

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